34 Esplanade, Kaikoura 7300

The hall facilities include small and large meeting rooms, modern commercial kitchen and bar, and changing rooms.






Memorial Hall Daily Hire Fees  (all prices include GST):

  • Main Hall   –  $300
  • Supper Room   –  $100 whole day or $50 half day
  • Meeting Rooms  –  $5 per hour ($10 minimum)
  • Itinerant Trader  –  $400
  • Hall and Supper Room Hire Bond (no alcohol)  –  $200
  • Hall and Supper Room Hire Bond (with alcohol)  –  $400


PO Box 6
Level 2, 96 West End

Phone: 03 319 5026
Fax: 03 319 5308
Email: kdc@kaikoura.govt.nz

Equipment Hire:

  • Chair Hire  –  $1 per chair plus $50 bond
  • Trestle Hire  –  $5 per trestle plus $50 bond
  • Data projector  –  $120
  • Projector screen  –  $40
  • DVD player  –  $20
  • Laptop  –  $60
  • Overhead projector  –  $40

Please read our Terms and Conditions for equipment hire.


Hall Hire Charges
Payment of all due hire charges including bond must be received before keys can be collected from the Kaikoura District
Council Office on the day of hire or as per arrangements made. Keys should be returned the first working day after hire.
Use of heaters is charged in addition to normal hall hire charge. Meter readings are to be taken before and after Hall Hire.

Cancellations must be notified in advance not less than 48 hours prior to the date of hire. Where cancellations are not
notified within this timeframe a 20% cancellation fee will apply. No refunds will be given where no cancellation has been
notified, and the hirer does not use the facilities (i.e. a “no-show”).

Cleaning and Care of Hall, Kitchen, Bar, Toilets and Changing Room
It is the responsibility of the hirer following the conclusion of a function to leave whole hall clean and tidy. If cleaning is
not completed satisfactorily and council is required to complete the work, the hirer will forfeit the bond paid and will be
liable for actual costs incurred. Cleaning materials are found in storeroom cupboard next to bar or in kitchen cupboard.

1. Recycling* and waste bins are to be provided and removed by the hirer.
2. All facilities must be left clean and tidy. All electrical appliances should be cleaned and turned off at the wall.
3. Chairs, tables and legs are to be returned to the storeroom. Please stack chairs by colour in stacks of 10 for easy
counting. Do not drag tables or chairs across the floor.
4. Floors to be swept clean, and mopped as necessary using cold water and view cleaner supplied. Frequent
changing of water is necessary to prevent streaking of floor when dry. We recommend you hire Kaikoura
Commercial Cleaners for your professional cleaning to be done. (Phone 319 6802)
5. Turn off all lights and heaters and ensure windows and doors are closed and locked when leaving hall.
6. Hirer will be charged for any missing or broken equipment.

*Separate Recycling: soft plastic (clean plastic shopping bags, bread bags etc), paper/cardboard (paper, cardboard),
glass, hard plastics & metal (tin, aluminium, steel, all hard plastics, all glass), organics (food scraps, napkins). The
Resource Recovery Centre, Scarborough Street accept recyclable items free of charge and waste for landfill can be
disposed of for a small fee. Recycling for your event in the Hall can be managed by Innovative Waste Kaikoura (Phone:
03 319 7148).

Damage to Hall, Kitchen or Fixtures
Any damage to the hall, kitchen or fixtures shall be notified immediately to the Council staff by the hirer who will be held
responsible to the Council for the full value of such damage.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the lights, heaters and electrical appliances are turned off, all people
are out of the building and the building is secured after completion of use. If any of the above is not done and any
vandalism occurs, the hirer may be charged for any repairs or costs involved.

Fire Safety
The hirers are to make themselves familiar with the kitchen and halls fire safety equipment and fire escape exits and are
responsible for implementing these systems in the event of an emergency.

Temporary Parking Signs
If you are requiring signs to be used for extra parking please let us know at the Council Office before the date of the hire.

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